May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

As perennial flowers and plants come into full bloom at the Jersey Shore, people are thinking getting their bodies into beach ready shape. Fitness is also a perennial subject that  arises this time of year. Quite timely as May is officially “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month” according to the US Government Department of Health and Human Services. But what is fitness? Is it more than just having a well-toned beach bod? Being “fit” is not a single state [...]

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The Top Seven Healthy Heart Hacks

On December 30, 1963, President Johnson signed Proclamation 3566, which established February 1964 as the first “American Heart Month.” Every year since, the current President has proclaimed the same thing. The importance of having a month dedicated to heart health awareness cannot be overstated. Nearly a million Americans will die of cardiovascular disease each year, vastly exceeding any other cause. Cardiovascular disease includes heart attack, stroke, hypertension, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease. Research indicates that seventy percent [...]

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Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness Gifts

How often have you heard, “…If you have your health, you have everything?” Yet how many of us realize we are empowered to give our loved ones and ourselves gifts that can improve our health? Whether you spend $1 or a few thousand dollars, you can find something for everyone…even yourself.  Submitted for your consideration is Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness gifts: Sneakers: Having proper footwear makes exercise safe and effective. Not sure what type to [...]

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Do Grateful, Not Just Feel Grateful

  In 2015, the importance of feeling grateful hit the high mark in the consciousness of many people. One of the New Year’s resolutions I’ve been hearing a lot about as we prepare to enter 2016 is “Being grateful for what I have in my life.” Feelings of gratitude for what you have lay the foundation for happiness now and open the door to attracting more of what you are grateful for in the future. To paraphrase the words [...]

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Breast Cancer and the Benefits of Exercise

October is National Breast Cancer Month.  Yes, Exercise Increases the Odds of Long-Term Survival. Exercise may not be the cure for cancer, but according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, exercise reduces the risk of dying from the disease. Women who exercised on a regular basis at moderate intensity had fewer cancer recurrences and experienced a decrease in the 10-year mortality rate. The research clearly showed that women with breast cancer who are [...]

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The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout, Part II

Last month we covered five of the Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout: 1. Exercise Your Body to Relax Your Mind 2. Stay Fully Hydrated 3. Get Up and Move 4. Pamper Yourself 5. Let Others Care for You How many of these are you doing now and do you notice any changes in your mood? Building on what I detailed last month, let’s explore the next five things you can do to prevent burnout: 6. [...]

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The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout, Part I

Earlier this month, the National Association for people with Developmental Disabilities (NADD) was kind enough to invite me to participate in their international webinar series, which was directed at healthcare professionals as well as family caregivers throughout the US and Canada. I was tasked with providing strategies to prevent burnout through achieving a work/life balance using exercise, nutrition and self-care modalities. The strategies that work for caregivers can be applied to top performing Sales Executives, 24/7/365 Entrepreneurs, stressed C-Suite [...]

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Who is the Fittest Leader in the C-Suite?

The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness: Who is the Fittest Leader in the C-Suite? Asking who is the fittest leader in the C-Suite is, of course a trick question, as there are eight different elements to being fit. Unless your name is LeBron or Kobe, no one person embodies them all: Strength Power Endurance Speed Balance Flexibility Coordination Who are some C-Suite execs that embody specific elements of fitness? The FruitGuys® CEO Chris Mittelstaedt can bench press 315 [...]

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Top 5 Blue Chip Holiday Fitness Gifts

In today’s economy, we are all looking for superior returns on the money we spend on gifts for those we love. Nothing works better to increase the value of your preferred stock than to give the gift of fitness and health. Below please find recommendations for my budget-friendly physical stimulus plan: Wearable Fitness Technology: Fit Bit, Jawbone, Basis, Apple and other wearable fitness technologies are what’s really hot this holiday shopping season. With the ability to count steps taken, [...]

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