From California to the Jersey Shore, From Chicago to Orlando, What People Saying About Joe:

“I found Joe’s presentation very enlightening. He has an ability to engage his audience in a way that clearly shows benefits of following a healthy plan and stimulates them to take action. It certainly has for me. I have incorporated a couple of the exercises into my daily routine and have started a nutritional lifestyle change that I have been putting off, all as a result of Joe’s presentation. His presentation was very interesting, enlightening and I would encourage anyone considering him for his coaching or speaking to engage his services.” Bill C. Insurance Benefits Advisor

“Joe provided an uplifting perspective on a very frigid and dreary winter evening at our business networking group that literally energized everyone in the room. Joe provided wonderful resources to support his informative and inspirational theories on how exercise and nutrition can boost your career earnings potential. I can say everyone left the room with a renewed bounce in their step.” Michael S. NJ Private Investigator

“I attended the Transamerica Coaching Forum in San Diego in May and was inspired by what you had to say. You moved me to take action and I will act on your offer to ask questions after the event. Thank you!”Anne-Marie W, RBC Capital, MT

“…Great hearing you last week in Chicago. I loved your story about posture and success. I totally believe it.” Jan H, Texas

“It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak in Baltimore. Your presentation was excellent.” Randy B, North Ridge Securities, NY

“Trainer Joe” inspired his audience by helping us understand that no matter our age or medical limitations, we are all capable of achieving a healthy lifestyle through diet and an exercise program especially tailored to our specific needs.  Brenda T, NJ

“I heard Joe speak and was really impressed with his ability to connect with the audience and deliver an engaging and educational talk. Finding the right words to impress upon people the need to lead a healthier lifestyle can be challenging, but he certainly motivated me. As I grow older, I do want to be healthy and fit and I’ll be keeping in touch with Joe to make that happen. Julie K, NJ

“I loved the conference and your session. I just started a plan using the app “my fitness pal.”  My goal is 10k steps a day, and eating 2050 calories a day. Eliminating fried foods and desserts except for rare occurrences like holidays. Your session inspired me to take my health more seriously. And I’m grateful for that. Steve R, Romano Wealth Management, OK

“My wife and I saw Joe Stein speak the other day. We were impressed with everything he said. I thought his talk was going to be just about exercise; it wasn’t. He covered nutrition, ideas on how to break old habits and how to establish new ones. I learned that if I do the same exercise every day, results won’t be as rewarding as they should be when compared to periodically varying routines. He gave examples of poor food choices, told us the importance of reading food labels, and, using portion control. Everything he said sounded pretty darned reasonable to me, which should make staying with a plan, pretty easy.  Marc C, Artist

“You were the best. Just sent a friend an email about you. Inspiring! Motivating and most informative and passionately delivered! Thank you! Let us know when book is released will have a book launching!!!  Linda S, Insurance Executive

“Recently, I attended a lecture given by Joe Stein, and was blown away with his superb presentation. Over the years I have lost many battles with weight but after hearing Joe’s inspirational, sensible suggestions for weight loss and exercise, I am revved up and anxious to face the challenge. His approach is reasonable, logical, sensible, and definitely doable. He knows his area of expertise inside and out, and offers a great many tools for traveling the road to weight loss, fitness and good health. While he takes his topic seriously, his plan is forgiving and realistic. When asked what should be done when motivation wanes, he encouraged us to not think about motivation but to, simply, stick to the plan. I have begun applying some of what I learned, and look forward, with confidence, to a successful journey. Laverne B, Huffington Post Blogger and Author

“My wife and I talked about how much we enjoyed your very professional presentation. Some was validation, some was new but all was interesting. Gordon B, PNC Bank

“Trainer, author, speaker, Joe does a superlative job sharing his business savvy, fitness enthusiasm and wellness programming with his clients to improve their lives. I’ve learned from author Joe, been entertained and educated at his speaking engagements and know other professionals that are staying healthy and well with Joe’s personal training expertise. Highly recommend as a content presenter, wellness source and trusted business colleague. DonnaLyn G, Heritage Benefits Group, NJ

“Joe Stein is the only trainer and coach I would recommend to anyone serious about their health and well being. He is not a fly-by-night trainer who just got his certification. He is a well educated man who cares about the impact he has on his clients. One thing particularly that stands out with me about Joe, is his follow-up on my referrals. He made it a point to give me status updates on clients I had referred to him, and let me know how well they were progressing. It’s nice to know how much time he takes to care about his clients, it makes referring him easy. Stan K, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TX

“Joe has been the “best of both worlds” for me. He’s about my age ( 50+), and he’s approachable, reliable and funny. I have never felt intimidated nor inadequate like I have with some trainers at clubs who seem more interested in the young babe walking by than in my workout!” He’s made training at home affordable and efficient. It’s nearing May, and I’ve lost 13 lbs. since January, and have gone from 36% to 31% bodyfat. Joe has lent me books about “mindless eating” and the like, which have been extremely helpful. In short, Joe is well informed and current on all aspects of training and fitness. I’m very grateful!‎ Macaire O.