Who is the Fittest Leader?

According to a study in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, regular exercise correlates with higher leadership ratings in senior executives. A National Institutes of Health study found exercise and nutrition can prevent stress-induced career burnout. Do these studies prove themselves out in the real word? And…who is the fittest leader? Asking this is, of course a trick question, as there are eight different dimensions that constitute being fit. Unless your name is LeBron James or Odell Beckham, no one [...]

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Resolve to Evolve

Resolutions – we always make them and usually break them. What looks good on paper doesn’t always work in real life. If your resolutions for 2018 include getting fit, reducing your weight, or developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime, then the following seven small, evolutionary changes will yield big results over the course of this year. Small Resolutions That Will Yield Big Results “I resolve to understand why I want to make these resolutions.” Knowing your motivation will [...]

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Spring Cleaning and National Old Stuff Day

When Andy Warhol posited, “…everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes” was he thinking about specific days of the year, too? Believe it or not, March 2 was “National Old Stuff Day.” It’s a day to appreciate the difference between wonderful treasurers and worthless trash. It’s a day to declutter and make space for the new. With the vernal equinox occurring on March 20, let’s commence our emotional and spiritual spring cleaning today, starting with the safe disposal of [...]

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How to Jettison Jet Lag

  Over the years I’ve traveled to Israel for ten days, Hawaii for two weeks and Italy for a week. Last May I was at the podium in San Diego on a Tuesday and spoke again in Baltimore that Friday. Helping people leverage their wellness in order to increase their wealth was an exciting and rewarding mission. Jet lag has always been the small toll I paid for going across the time zones to spread the good word. Fortunately, [...]

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Two More Reasons Why Your CEO Should Be More Like My Bartender

Last week my wife and I were waiting at the bar for our table to be available at a favorite Jersey Shore eatery. While sipping our glasses of wine, Jimmy the bartender says, “…Want to check out this new cocktail I’ve been working on? We said “Sure,” and he poured each of us a small glass to sample and critique his new creation. After a sip or two, we each puckered our lips and shook our heads side to [...]

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The Top Ten Foods Every Leader Should Eat

My Mom used to tell me, “Eat fish, it’s brain food.” Was there anything to the idea that certain foods could improve cognitive function, or was this just another way to get a little boy to eat his dinner? As adults, can eating certain foods help make us more successful leaders by increasing our mental horsepower? Actually…yes. Researchers have identified an entire class of foods that are considered ergogenic, keeping our brains healthy and boosting cognitive functions. Submitted for [...]

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Race to Great Leadership: Sprint or Marathon?

In the race to become a great leader, should you train for a marathon or a sprint? The answer is neither, as this a trick question. The right answer is to train for a decathlon. Not the grueling the ten-event Olympic affair, but to train using these same elements of fitness which mirror the ten characteristics vital to success at the office: Strength Flexibility Power Endurance Agility Balance Speed Stamina Coordination In your race to excel as a great [...]

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Five Reasons Why Your CEO Should Be More Like My Bartender

Last weekend my wife and I were enjoying a cocktail at one of our favorite Jersey Shore haunts. Watching our bartender work his magic and move about behind the bar got me thinking about how his qualities mirrored the qualities of a good CEO. The five common human performance qualities of leadership shared by CEOs and Bartenders included: Good CEOs and Bartenders are "People" people: Both enjoy being around others and are careful, active listeners. They are passionate about [...]

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Who is the Fittest Leader in the C-Suite?

The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness: Who is the Fittest Leader in the C-Suite? Asking who is the fittest leader in the C-Suite is, of course a trick question, as there are eight different elements to being fit. Unless your name is LeBron or Kobe, no one person embodies them all: Strength Power Endurance Speed Balance Flexibility Coordination Who are some C-Suite execs that embody specific elements of fitness? The FruitGuys® CEO Chris Mittelstaedt can bench press 315 [...]

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