Spring Cleaning and National Old Stuff Day

When Andy Warhol posited, “…everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes” was he thinking about specific days of the year, too? Believe it or not, March 2 was “National Old Stuff Day.” It’s a day to appreciate the difference between wonderful treasurers and worthless trash. It’s a day to declutter and make space for the new. With the vernal equinox occurring on March 20, let’s commence our emotional and spiritual spring cleaning today, starting with the safe disposal of [...]

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The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout, Part II

Last month we covered five of the Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout: 1. Exercise Your Body to Relax Your Mind 2. Stay Fully Hydrated 3. Get Up and Move 4. Pamper Yourself 5. Let Others Care for You How many of these are you doing now and do you notice any changes in your mood? Building on what I detailed last month, let’s explore the next five things you can do to prevent burnout: 6. [...]

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The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout, Part I

Earlier this month, the National Association for people with Developmental Disabilities (NADD) was kind enough to invite me to participate in their international webinar series, which was directed at healthcare professionals as well as family caregivers throughout the US and Canada. I was tasked with providing strategies to prevent burnout through achieving a work/life balance using exercise, nutrition and self-care modalities. The strategies that work for caregivers can be applied to top performing Sales Executives, 24/7/365 Entrepreneurs, stressed C-Suite [...]

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