Do you or your organization confront the daily challenges of:

  • Increasing revenue generation
  • Preventing peak performer burnout
  • Optimizing human performance
  • Reducing medical expenses

Regular exercise correlates with higher leadership ratings in senior‐level executives, according to a 2006 study, published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, using both the Executive Success Profile® and the Campbell Leadership IndexTM. Let me show you how, where and when to integrate a sustainable exercise program custom designed to upgrade your performance.

People with good posture earn more than slouchers, as detailed in Harvard Business School’s study Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance, published in Business Insider Feb. 26, 2011. Learn the exercises to improve posture and project authority and confidence.

Salespeople with increased metabolisms drive more sales. Zig Ziglar said it best, “Your extra energy will produce increased revenue for your family. We will never be able to accurately calculate the billions of dollars in lost income American salespeople suffer every year. Think about what happens because the salesperson is simply too tired to get an early start in the morning, ran out of gas before the day was over, or had that “inevitable energy drop” after eating a heavy noon meal. For these salespeople the idea of making “one more presentation” before they call it a day becomes a physical impossibility. Their energy bucket is drained.” Let me help you design and implement a program of exercise and nutrition designed to turbocharge your metabolism.

Exercise can change one’s DNA to switch off bad genes and prevent chronic disease, so said the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, published in the December 2014 issue of Epigenetics magazine. Understand how to integrate a wellness program to reduce medical expenses.

Exercise and nutrition can prevent stress-induced career burnout, thus extending peak performer longevity. A National Institutes of Health study, titled “Cardiorespiratory Fitness Protects Against Stress-Related Symptoms of Burnout and Depression” published on October 2013 concluded that, “Better cardiovascular fitness seems to be associated with decreased symptoms of burnout and a better capacity to cope with stress.” Let me show your organization how to determine the necessary heart rate training range and best modalities to receive the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Also learn how a daily practice of guided meditation, visual motor rehearsal and other mind/body exercises can relax, refresh and recharge the spirit as well as the body.

Executives with normal body weight will achieve higher lifetime earnings than those who are overweight, as detailed in a 2011 London Business School study, The Price of Obesity: How Your Salary Depends on Your Weight, published in Forbes magazine on March 2011. If individuals have higher earnings because they are more successful, then your entire enterprise performs at a higher level and is more profitable. Gain insights on how to practice mindful eating. Master dining out skills, shopping skills and food preparation techniques, all designed to maintain a normal weight for a lifetime.

People who are properly hydrated are smarter and can think faster, as detailed by the American Academy of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Journal’s December 2013 study, Water Balance and Cognitive Performance. Learn how to boost mental acuity by implementing a system of daily hydration with the beverages you prefer. Leveraging my experience in personal fitness training, health & lifestyle coaching, corporate wellness integration and sales leadership, I will deliver transformative messaging, skills and inspiration that your organization can use immediately to improve the performance of your most valuable assets…your people. The links between organizational performance and human physical performance are profoundly interwoven. Some remarkable research indicates that:

These are just some of the findings. The links between financial performance and human physical performance are indeed intertwined. It would be my privilege to help upgrade your organization’s most valuable assets—your people.

Let me know how I may serve you.