Taking it all in


In 2015, the importance of feeling grateful hit the high mark in the consciousness of many people. One of the New Year’s resolutions I’ve been hearing a lot about as we prepare to enter 2016 is “Being grateful for what I have in my life.” Feelings of gratitude for what you have lay the foundation for happiness now and open the door to attracting more of what you are grateful for in the future.

To paraphrase the words of Buddha, “…Think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds.” If Gratitude were an archery target, Feeling would be the outer ring. Saying would be the middle ring. Doing would be the bulls-eye. May I offer these suggestions, in no particular order, to express gratitude as we prepare to enter the New Year:

  • Feel grateful for your health. Act grateful by doing exercise on a regular basis.
  • Feel grateful for your clothes. Act grateful by keeping them clean and neat.
  • Feel grateful for your parents. Act grateful by honoring them.
  • Feel grateful for your car. Act grateful by keeping it well maintained.
  • Feel grateful for your employer. Act grateful by putting in a good day’s work.
  • Feel grateful for your home. Act grateful by keeping it tidy and in good repair.
  • Feel grateful for your dog. Act grateful by taking him for walks.
  • Feel grateful for your clients, patients or customers. Act grateful by providing top-notch service or products.
  • Feel grateful for your children. Act grateful by setting a good example.
  • Feel grateful for your house of worship. Act grateful by attending services.
  • Feel grateful for the Earth. Act grateful by recycling more.
  • Feel grateful for your education. Act grateful by donating to their scholarship fund.
  • Feel grateful for your favorite wine or spirits. Act grateful by imbibing moderately.
  • Feel grateful for your grandparents and family elders. Act grateful by showing respect and love.
  • Feel grateful for your computer. Act grateful by keeping your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Feel grateful for our country. Act grateful by honoring veterans.
  • Feel grateful for God. Act grateful by demonstrating grace and loving-kindness.
  • Feel grateful for your spouse. Act grateful by doing a chore they really dislike.
  • Feel grateful for food. Act grateful by eating mindfully.

I think the key to laying the foundation for attracting good things into your life is to manifest gratitude with actions that will nurture and sustain the people and things you feel grateful for.

These are a few of my thoughts. What are you grateful for? How will you translate those feelings into actions in the New Year?