April is National Stress Awareness Month: Do Grateful, Not Just Feel Grateful

According to a recent study by the American Institute of Stress, nearly 90% of all primary care doctor visits are related to stress. Ranging from stomachaches, back pain and heart disease, it has been estimated that stress costs American companies over $300 billion last year last year. Numerous research studies have shown that feeling grateful and acting in a grateful manner help to reduce stress dramatically. Being grateful for what you have in your life lays the foundation for [...]

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Hacking the Thanksgiving Food Fest

OMG, where did this year go? Can you believe it will be Thanksgiving in a few days? This is the time of year many people start to panic about how the start of the Holiday Season will impact their waistlines. If this describes you, take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. In the famous words of Patriots QB Tom Brady, “R-E-L-A-X.” The good new is it matters less what you will eat between [...]

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National Men’s Health Week is June 12 Through 18

Since June 12 through 18 is National Men’s Health Week, the following action plan is offered to help keep guys fit and healthy. To make this easy to digest, lots of guyspeak, sports metaphors and simple language will be used. Ladies, if you have an all-star guy on your team, tape a copy of this to his locker. Avoid accidents. According to research published by the Centers for Disease Control, accidents are the leading cause of death in men [...]

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Spring Cleaning and National Old Stuff Day

When Andy Warhol posited, “…everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes” was he thinking about specific days of the year, too? Believe it or not, March 2 was “National Old Stuff Day.” It’s a day to appreciate the difference between wonderful treasurers and worthless trash. It’s a day to declutter and make space for the new. With the vernal equinox occurring on March 20, let’s commence our emotional and spiritual spring cleaning today, starting with the safe disposal of [...]

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The Top Four Health Hacks to Enjoy a Great 2017

What’s the story with resolutions? On New Year’s Day we make them, by Valentine’s Day they are a distant memory. Why is it so difficult to make lasting improvements to our lives? One theory is that we focus on making massive changes which trip the defense mechanisms designed to maintain our equilibrium. Even if it not healthy for us, this balance system keeps us in our comfort zone, unable to shift to a healthier paradigm. If you’ve had trouble [...]

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Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness Gifts

How often have you heard, “…If you have your health, you have everything?” Yet how many of us realize we are empowered to give our loved ones and ourselves gifts that can improve our health? Whether you spend $1 or a few thousand dollars, you can find something for everyone…even yourself.  Submitted for your consideration is Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness gifts: Sneakers: Having proper footwear makes exercise safe and effective. Not sure what type to [...]

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Top Five Fitness and Nutrition Trick or Treats

With Halloween fast approaching, one should be afraid, very afraid. The time between now and Thanksgiving is as dangerous as walking through a haunted forest on your way to grandma’s house with a basket of donuts. Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every Halloween fitness trick has a beneficial treat. Here are my Top Five: 1. Trick: Eat Breakfast Every Day Treat: Having adequate calories at breakfast will increase your morning energy level and decrease your need [...]

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Seven Sunday Hacks to Prepare for a Successful Week Ahead

How is your week starting off? The Mamas & The Papa’s song Monday Monday has always resonated with me, especially the lyrics, “Every other day of the week is fine, yeah / But whenever Monday comes you can find me cryin’ all of the time. Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” What if you could ease your way into Monday by warming up for an hour or so on Sunday? You don’t go to the gym cold and lift [...]

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The Top Ten Things to Kick to the Curb This Year Part 2

Whew…February 9th, I’m happy we’re past this day! The gym where I exercise is returning to a state of normalcy. According to health club industry research, this is the day gyms start to get less crowded as many of the New Year’s Resolution-making, new members stop exercising. The most popular reason for breaking this resolution is “lack of time.” Too bad they couldn’t jettison those things that didn’t serve them well in order to make space for the mission [...]

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The Top Ten Things to Kick to the Curb This Year – Part 1

At the start of each New Year, many people like to load up on resolutions. The idea is to fill one’s self with possibilities and inspiration by making positive affirmations: “I resolve to lose weight this year.” I resolve to begin an exercise program this year.” "I resolve to get a new job this year.” And so we set ourselves up for failure by over-committing and under performing. As humans, we have limited intellectual, emotional and social bandwidths. Like [...]

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