Lifestyle Skills Training

  • Understanding your resting metabolic rate calorie calculation: Determining how much food your body requires
  • Refrigerator and pantry round-up: An assessment of what is currently in your kitchen compared to your nutrition and weight management goals
  • Meal Planning: Not a diet, but a meal-by-meal and snack-by-snack selection of choices designed to meet your goals
  • Food Journaling:
    ◦ Fosters mindful eating
    ◦ Research has shown just by carefully observing an event, you can change 
the outcome
  • Mindful Eating Skills: Creates awareness of the hundreds of food choices we have each day and develops strategies to embrace the foods we love and minimize empty calories
  • Supermarket Safari: Your shopping list, your food store, your goals…but with the guidance to make choices consistent with your nutrition and weight management goals
  • Restaurant and dining-out skills:
    ◦ Restaurants are like minefields…if you can avoid the danger zones, you can make it home safely
    ◦ Develops the skills to identify foods consistent with your goals, avoid invisible calorie-laden traps, order what you need with skill
    ◦ Manage blowback from dining partners with savvy and confidence
  • Seminars, Lunch-and-Learns, Nutritional Skills Workshops