How Do You and Your Posse Show Up for Work Each Day?

What are your pain points: Are you being out sold, out thought and out maneuvered by your peers and competitors? Do you find your energy level flagging, as stressful days cause you to run out of gas before reaching the finish line?
It’s time to turbocharge your HUMAN POWERPLANT. Enhance your Leadership Presence and Resilience by upgrading these seven core elements of success:

  • Energy
  • Intention
  • Confidence
  •  Stamina
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Agility

No matter what business you think you are in, you are really in the people business. Upgrade the people and you will upgrade the organization.
If you are looking for a passionate communicator to deliver a transformational message with power and wit, I’m your person. My experiences, insights and toolkits–as a Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Fortune 500 Executive, Author, MBA and Newspaper Columnist–will inspire your group to make the changes they need to enhance Leadership Presence and Resilience through Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Upgrades.

From 15 minute break-outs, lunch-and-learns, full and half-day seminars, panel discussions to keynote addresses, I will customize an experience your group will find enlightening, entertaining and empowering. It is an honor to be considered.

Trainer Joe’s Most Requested Topics

All presentations are customized to meet the needs of your organization, so no two are alike. However popular topics have included:

Igniting and Stoking Success

  • The Five Strategies to Increase Your Leadership Presence and Resilience Through Strength, Stamina and Nutrition
  • “Coffee is for Closers”: Five Must Know Lessons in Managing Your Sales Funnel with Energy, Wit and Charm
  • Sales Force Survival Training: Top Seven Secrets How to Stay Fit, Eat Smart and Stay Centered While Being a  Successful Road Warrior
  • How You (and Your Clients) Can Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Work/Life Balance

  • Keeping Your Resolutions: The Top Five Strategies to Keep Your Exercise and Weight Loss Resolutions This Year
  • Finding the Fountain: Five Strategies How Baby Boomers Can Live Middle Age Forever
  • Employee Wellness Orientation Programs: The Four Pillars of Fitness and Wellness.
  • Finding Work/Life Balance: The Five Keys to Empowering Ourselves to Succeed
  • Don’t Blame Your Parents: The Seven Keys to Outsmarting Bad Genes

Exercise, Nutrition and Mindful Eating

  • How to Dine Out in Mindfully and In Style: The Top Seven Hacks to Eating in RestaurantsThe Supermarket Safari: The Seven Tips to Improve Your Food Shopping Experience
  • Honoring Your Food: The Top Seven Techniques to Weigh Less and Enjoy Your Food MoreExercise Smart as You Age: The Top Five Changes You Must make to Stay Fit and Healthy Over Time

What to Expect from Joe:

  • Prompt and professional telephone and email replies for all questionsConsultations with event planner on logistics
  • Consultation with sponsor on customizing content
  • An energetically delivered presentation designed to deliver the results you are expecting
  • An announcement of your event on my blog and social media, if you desire this visibility
  • Copies of presentation, handouts, and resources guides if appropriate
  • Post presentation feedback call or email to see if I exceeded your expectations and what can be done to improve my offering