How often have you heard, “…If you have your health, you have everything?” Yet how many of us realize we are empowered to give our loved ones and ourselves gifts that can improve our health? Whether you spend $1 or a few thousand dollars, you can find something for everyone…even yourself.  Submitted for your consideration is Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness gifts:

  1. Sneakers: Having proper footwear makes exercise safe and effective. Not sure what type to get if a friend or loved one lifts weights, runs and does CrossFit?  Cross-trainers are good for just about anything except running more than a couple of miles at a time. A pair of high tech thermal socks would be a nice stocking stuffer to help beat the cold weather.
  2. Cardio equipment: If walking outdoors is not your preferred method of cardiovascular exercise, then a treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike makes a wonderful gift. If you’ve shopped for these years ago and were scared off by the high cost, take a look now. There are numerous high quality, feature-rich models for reasonable prices.
  3. Water bottle holder:  You can get a chic leather one for $35 or a simple mesh one for about a dollar. This gift serves as a reminder to stay hydrated, especially in cold, dry weather. A shoulder strap or belt loop will help to keep water at hand.  No more excuses for not having eight servings of water each day!
  4. Complete Physical Exam:  Before starting any program of exercise, get a complete physical, especially if you have any medical conditions or have been sedentary for a few months. Also, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: many illnesses can be cured or treated less invasively in their early stages. 
  5. Gift boxes of fruit:  Many mail order companies will send a box containing a different type of fruit to a lucky recipient each month. This fruit is typically of high quality, delicious, and will help to meet your fiber requirements.
  6. Fitness Band: These wearable microprocessor trainer/coaches can provide you with valuable feedback and insights about your exercise, sleep, activity and nutrition. Helping to stay motivated, tracking your habits, monitoring your diet and charting your progress are among the many benefits of wearing one. Prices range from the $16.99 Teslasz to the $19,999.99 42mm Apple Watch in yellow gold.
  7. Exercise attire: Didn’t Billy Crystal once say “…it’s better to look good than to feel good.” Of course we know it’s good to look good, but it’s more important to feel good. And nothing says, “let’s get serious,” like new workout duds. High tec fabrics keep you comfortable, dry, visible and looking great.
  8. New cookbook: There are numerous cookbooks written with an eye toward healthy eating. My wife and I are fond of Betty Crocker’s Healthy New Choices. Whether you desire low fat, low carb, Mediterranean diet, fast food or gourmet fare, many new cookbooks offer recipes designed to satisfy your taste buds without the need for an angioplasty.
  9. Personal training, Yoga or Pilates sessions: If you have not been successful in achieving your fitness goals, perhaps it’s because the same inputs have yielded the same outputs. Time to shake it up. A professional will design a custom tailored exercise program to meet your needs. Whether you choose to exercise in your home or at the gym, having professional assistance can make the difference between success and failure.
  10. Smoothie Blender: Oster makes the “My Blend,” a 250-Watt blender with a high tech sport bottle built in. This cool kitchen helper allows you to make your smoothie, shake or (dare I say) pina colada right in a built-in travel bottle. You are ready to rock and run, rock and roll, or rock and rum. No matter its contents, the bottle holds 20 ounces and is dishwasher safe.

Did I leave anything out? What are some of the favorite fitness and wellness gifts you’ve given or received over the years? I’d love to know so I may add it to next year’s list.

Ho ho hope this list will be the spark that helps you or someone you love to kindle the flame of fitness and wellness. Hit the stores running! Best wishes for a healthy and happy Holiday Season.