The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness: 5 Reasons Leaders Run Their Offices Like My Gym

In 1996 I began my career in fitness working weekends at Xercise Incorporated as a floor trainer. My responsibilities included opening the facility at 5 AM, showing members how to use the exercise equipment, personal training any clients I could sign up and closing the facility at 6 PM. The lessons I learned as a floor trainer have merged with my experiences as a sales manager at NCR to form the prism through which I view the qualities of [...]

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Mt. Rushmore of Fitness

A few weeks ago I heard a spirited discussion about who should be carved into basketball’s “Mt. Rushmore.” NBA fans were tweeting all the usual suspects: LeBron James was at the head of the list as he already proclaimed that position long before Miami lost to San Antonio in the finals. Other contenders included Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Julius Irving and Wilt Chamberlain. I love this kind of conversation because there are no wrong answers, [...]

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What’s in the ‘Faux Food’ you’re eating?

Lately I've heard a lot of people saying things like "He's a real phony." Or "She's a fake." Or "He's not the real deal." Or "What a fraud." I'm not a conspiracy theory type of guy, but there is something going on here. Some say we are the products of what we consume. If that's true, can eating fake foods disconnect us from reality? Do we even know what we are consuming anymore? Let's see if you can identify [...]

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How to Jettison Jet Lag

Over the years I’ve traveled to Israel for ten days, Hawaii for two weeks and Italy for a week. Last May I was at the podium in San Diego on a Tuesday and spoke again in Baltimore that Friday. Helping people leverage their wellness in order to increase their wealth was an exciting and rewarding mission. Jet lag has always been the small toll I paid for going across the time zones to spread the good word. Fortunately, paying [...]

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Trainer Joe’s Tips for Beach-Ready Arms and Shoulders

A few weeks ago, a 40-something client asked me if I could design a new exercise routine to sculpt her arms and shoulders in preparation for beach season. Yikes, Memorial Day is less than two months away! After three weeks of training, her guns are starting to morph from Olive Oyl peashooters into Dirty Harry Magnums. That got me thinking…everyone should have the right to go sleeveless by Memorial Day. If you start to pump iron now, you can [...]

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The Value of Creating a Great First Impression

One and Done A few days ago I was listening to ESPN Radio about 8 AM on my way to a training session.  The morning hosts, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg (AKA Mike & Mike) had the Duke men’s basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, (AKA Coach K) as their guest. But as fate would have it, Mercer cancelled Duke’s ticket to the next round. Coach K remarked, “…In a one-and-done elimination tournament, anything can happen. One loss and you’re out.” [...]

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Is 65 the New 40?

A few days ago two separate events highlighting the triumph of attitude over age. Each brought a smile to my face. One was pure fiction, the other real life. First the fiction: My wife and I rented the DVD “Last Vegas.” The premise of the movie was that three late-sixty-something friends, played by Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman, want to throw their other long-time single friend, played by Michael Douglas, a bachelor party in Las Vegas. [...]

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Three Letters to Live By

Last week my wife and I met with a new company to process our payroll. The sales executive we met with was great, very professional, knowledgeable and personable. And young…perhaps mid-thirties. After our meeting, I smiled as memories of my second job after graduating Seton Hall University washed over me. Was I ever that young? Six months after joining Fidelity Union Trust Company’s Marketing Department as their product manager for checking and loan products, I was promoted to Assistant [...]

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Take a detour. Don’t let an injury derail you!

Exercise accidents can happen, even to a personal trainer. Earlier this week I tore an extensor tendon in my left pinky while strength training. As a result, my ability to grasp heavy dumbbells is compromised by the new aluminum splint my pinky sports to help the injury heal. Beyond the discomfort and medical expense, I felt distraught about the prospect of not being able to train my upper body using weights for several weeks. This injury could be quite [...]

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Almost 72 and Young at Heart

There is an old joke that goes something like this…Question: Why did God create retirement? Answer: so there would be enough time for us to go to all of our doctors’ appointments. But does it have to be this way? Can we age gracefully, stay active and maintain our health well into our golden years? Here is a typical day in the life of John H, a soon to be 72-year-old client who has been training twice a week [...]

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