Resolve to Evolve

Resolutions – we always make them and usually break them. What looks good on paper doesn’t always work in real life. If your resolutions for 2018 include getting fit, reducing your weight, or developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime, then the following seven small, evolutionary changes will yield big results over the course of this year. Small Resolutions That Will Yield Big Results “I resolve to understand why I want to make these resolutions.” Knowing your motivation will [...]

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National Men’s Health Week is June 12 Through 18

Since June 12 through 18 is National Men’s Health Week, the following action plan is offered to help keep guys fit and healthy. To make this easy to digest, lots of guyspeak, sports metaphors and simple language will be used. Ladies, if you have an all-star guy on your team, tape a copy of this to his locker. Avoid accidents. According to research published by the Centers for Disease Control, accidents are the leading cause of death in men [...]

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Seven Sunday Hacks to Prepare for a Successful Week Ahead

How is your week starting off? The Mamas & The Papa’s song Monday Monday has always resonated with me, especially the lyrics, “Every other day of the week is fine, yeah / But whenever Monday comes you can find me cryin’ all of the time. Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” What if you could ease your way into Monday by warming up for an hour or so on Sunday? You don’t go to the gym cold and lift [...]

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How to Jettison Jet Lag

  Over the years I’ve traveled to Israel for ten days, Hawaii for two weeks and Italy for a week. Last May I was at the podium in San Diego on a Tuesday and spoke again in Baltimore that Friday. Helping people leverage their wellness in order to increase their wealth was an exciting and rewarding mission. Jet lag has always been the small toll I paid for going across the time zones to spread the good word. Fortunately, [...]

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Two More Reasons Why Your CEO Should Be More Like My Bartender

Last week my wife and I were waiting at the bar for our table to be available at a favorite Jersey Shore eatery. While sipping our glasses of wine, Jimmy the bartender says, “…Want to check out this new cocktail I’ve been working on? We said “Sure,” and he poured each of us a small glass to sample and critique his new creation. After a sip or two, we each puckered our lips and shook our heads side to [...]

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The Top Ten Things to Kick to the Curb This Year – Part 1

At the start of each New Year, many people like to load up on resolutions. The idea is to fill one’s self with possibilities and inspiration by making positive affirmations: “I resolve to lose weight this year.” I resolve to begin an exercise program this year.” "I resolve to get a new job this year.” And so we set ourselves up for failure by over-committing and under performing. As humans, we have limited intellectual, emotional and social bandwidths. Like [...]

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Do Grateful, Not Just Feel Grateful

  In 2015, the importance of feeling grateful hit the high mark in the consciousness of many people. One of the New Year’s resolutions I’ve been hearing a lot about as we prepare to enter 2016 is “Being grateful for what I have in my life.” Feelings of gratitude for what you have lay the foundation for happiness now and open the door to attracting more of what you are grateful for in the future. To paraphrase the words [...]

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Race to Great Leadership: Sprint or Marathon?

In the race to become a great leader, should you train for a marathon or a sprint? The answer is neither, as this a trick question. The right answer is to train for a decathlon. Not the grueling the ten-event Olympic affair, but to train using these same elements of fitness which mirror the ten characteristics vital to success at the office: Strength Flexibility Power Endurance Agility Balance Speed Stamina Coordination In your race to excel as a great [...]

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Why Leaders Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions and You Don’t

The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness: “Why Leaders Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions and You Don’t” Research shows that over 90 percent of all people do not keep their New Year’s resolutions. Why are successful leaders able to keep theirs? The answer is painfully obvious: Most high performing leaders, executives and professionals I train and coach simply do not make New Year’s Resolutions. “Vowing to making a course correction once a year is like updating the old Soviet [...]

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The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness: 5 Reasons Leaders Run Their Offices Like My Gym

In 1996 I began my career in fitness working weekends at Xercise Incorporated as a floor trainer. My responsibilities included opening the facility at 5 AM, showing members how to use the exercise equipment, personal training any clients I could sign up and closing the facility at 6 PM. The lessons I learned as a floor trainer have merged with my experiences as a sales manager at NCR to form the prism through which I view the qualities of [...]

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