The Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness:
“Why Leaders Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions and You Don’t”

Research shows that over 90 percent of all people do not keep their New Year’s resolutions. Why are successful leaders able to keep theirs? The answer is painfully obvious: Most high performing leaders, executives and professionals I train and coach simply do not make New Year’s Resolutions. “Vowing to making a course correction once a year is like updating the old Soviet Five Year Economic Plan once every five years,” said one CEO client.

“Success is a process that needs to be embraced. It’s not archery where you can’t change the course of an already-released arrow,” posited another COO client. Yes, the key to upgrading your life is to constantly make small course corrections frequently. To help you succeed, may I offer Trainer Joe’s Top 5 Small Changes That Will Yield Massive Results Over Time:

  1. I will make a small change and avoid eating snacks directly from the bag or box. I will exercise portion control by adhering to the serving size as defined by the nutritional information found on the product packaging. By indulging cravings in a controlled manner, you can save on calories and still enjoy your treat. Impact: Reducing potato chip consumption by four one-ounce servings a week will yield an eight-pound weight loss per year.
  1. I will make a small change and walk twenty minutes per day at a brisk pace. If walking is already a part of your fitness routine then increase the duration of your walk by ten minutes per day. Impact: The extra calorie expenditure will result in a weight loss of approximately seven additional pounds in 2015.
  1. I will make a small change and reduce alcohol consumption to four glasses of beer or wine (or four cocktails) per week. Impact: If your current level of consumption is ten per week (which is less than one and a half per day) the reduction to four per week will result in a twelve-pound weight loss for the year.
  1. I will make a small change and begin a structured program of strength training. Whether this means joining a gym or dusting off the equipment in your basement, just start in January. To be sure you have a good program design and avoid injuries, take the first steps with the help of a fitness professional. Two additional pounds of muscle mass will increase your metabolism by burning an additional 50 calories per day. Impact: A ten-pound weight loss for the year.
  1. I will make a small change and engage in a sport, activity or hobby that I already enjoy. Bicycling, dancing, golf, hiking, roller-skating, swimming or tennis are good choices that on average burn 123 calories per hour. These can be fit into your schedule by doing four half-hour segments per week. Impact: Add this to your life and lose an additional four pounds annually.

No one wakes up one day to suddenly find themselves 40 pounds overweight. Eating mindfully and developing exercise habits are challenging and will take time, too. Not coincidentally, the above small changes will yield about 40 pounds of weight loss over the course of a year. Impact: Not only will you look better and have a higher energy level, but you will healthier, too.

What good is success if you have poor health and have to hand over all your money to doctors?

Enjoy 2015 with both your wellness and wealth.