How is your week starting off? The Mamas & The Papa’s song Monday Monday has always resonated with me, especially the lyrics,

“Every other day of the week is fine, yeah / But whenever Monday comes you can find me cryin’ all of the time. Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.”

What if you could ease your way into Monday by warming up for an hour or so on Sunday? You don’t go to the gym cold and lift weights immediately, do you? You can take the limbering up lessons of the gym to the workplace. Here are my Seven Sunday Hacks to for a more effective and less stressful week ahead:

Check Your Provisions for the week ahead. Do you have enough printer ink, batteries, paper and other office supplies? What about the foods you’ll eat for breakfast, snacks or food for the road? How about your wardrobe…got enough clothes clean and ready? Are all of your prescriptions filled—avoid a last-minute mad dash by taking care of business now.

Inspect the Mission Critical Tools of your craft, which are vital to your success each day. Is your phone charged and in good working order? Anti-virus scan updated on your computer? How’s your car’s tire pressure, oil, washer fluid and gas? What about your PC projector and remote? Is everything you need for the week ahead in good working order? If not, now’s your day to get it in gear.

Assess the Restaurant Menus Online for the eateries you will frequenting this coming week, especially if you’ll be entertaining clients, customers, employees or prospects. Eating well at work, particularly dining out, is critical for maintaining a healthy weight. If you would like to learn my Top Ten Tips about this, download How to Dine Out Mindfully and In Style, a free chapter from my book Leave the Cannoli Take the Weights: Practical Guidance on Eating, Exercise and Empowerment.

Avoid Traffic Jams and Mass Transit Problems. If you google and substitute your state’s two letter abbreviation after 511, you will be able to view all traffic delays and construction projects. Avoiding congestion will make getting around so much more pleasant.

Discover Local Events if you will be traveling out of town. By googling the location you’ll be visiting, you can learn what festivals, farmer’s markets and sporting events will be happening during your stay. Taking in a cool street fair or ball game is a wonderful way to mix in some pleasure with business.

Review Your Calendar and Check Email to confirm any appointments you have questions about. Yes it’s Sunday, but many other people are doing exactly what you are to avoid any last minute cancellations and surprises.

Make an Effort to Take Good Care of Yourself. Nothing tees up a good week ahead like really enjoying your weekend. Plan some relaxing downtime or activities with family and friends. Make time to exercise. Get adequate sleep. Enjoy Sunday fueling your body with nutritious meals brimming with antioxidants, lean protein and complex carbs.

These are my Seven Sunday Hacks to Prepare for a Successful Week Ahead. Did I miss anything? What do you do on Sundays to reduce stress and plan for success during the week? I’d love to know your Sunday hacks.

With a little planning and practice, you can change your tune and be singing Fleetwood Mac’s, “Monday morning, you sure look fine.”