The 6 Common Lessons of Leadership and Fitness

When I rise each day at 4:30 AM to train my early morning high performance clients, Lou Gehrig’s famous words run through my mind, “…I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth.” The cold and dampness and ungodly time of day I face are a fair tradeoff to learn the lessons of leadership from my pre-dawn movers and shakers. From CEOs, COOs, psychiatrists, managing partners and surgeons, I have learned as much from them as [...]

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How to Jettison Jet Lag

Over the years I’ve traveled to Israel for ten days, Hawaii for two weeks and Italy for a week. Last May I was at the podium in San Diego on a Tuesday and spoke again in Baltimore that Friday. Helping people leverage their wellness in order to increase their wealth was an exciting and rewarding mission. Jet lag has always been the small toll I paid for going across the time zones to spread the good word. Fortunately, paying [...]

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Is 65 the New 40?

A few days ago two separate events highlighting the triumph of attitude over age. Each brought a smile to my face. One was pure fiction, the other real life. First the fiction: My wife and I rented the DVD “Last Vegas.” The premise of the movie was that three late-sixty-something friends, played by Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman, want to throw their other long-time single friend, played by Michael Douglas, a bachelor party in Las Vegas. [...]

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Take a detour. Don’t let an injury derail you!

Exercise accidents can happen, even to a personal trainer. Earlier this week I tore an extensor tendon in my left pinky while strength training. As a result, my ability to grasp heavy dumbbells is compromised by the new aluminum splint my pinky sports to help the injury heal. Beyond the discomfort and medical expense, I felt distraught about the prospect of not being able to train my upper body using weights for several weeks. This injury could be quite [...]

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Dessert Drinks

I wear many hats in my effort to help clients become more fit and eat mindfully. All my days are good days. Some are great ones. Last week I had a health and lifestyle coaching session that falls into the latter category. A fit and attractive Baby Boomer client named Katelyn tasked me with analyzing her options for choosing a desert at a dinner party she will be attending soon. Having recently lost a few pounds in anticipation of the [...]

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