leaderWhile the title of my recent book is Leave the Cannoli Take the Weights, the subtitle, Practical Guidance on Eating, Exercise and Empowerment really tells the reader what the book is about. Of all three themes in the subtitle, the most important by far is empowerment. Without empowerment, self-empowerment in particular, you would not have the ability to grow and change as a person.

It is self-empowerment, combined with a toolkit and plan that transforms being overweight to lean and weak to strong. When I was an officer at Fidelity Union Bank and a Sales Manager at NCR Corporation, I saw the transformation of people from managers to leaders. The terms are often used interchangeably. However each is special and distinct. How can you tell the difference?

  • Managers assign tasks. Leaders inspire others to action.
  • Managers connect with your brain. Leaders touch your heart.
  • Managers are trained for skills. Leaders developed character.
  • Managers get promoted by a hierarchy. Leaders ascend by the consent of their tribe.
  • Managers are logical. Leaders are creative.
  • Managers are respected. Leaders are loved.
  • Managers keep things on track. Leaders keep things in balance.
  • Managers know how. Leaders know why.
  • Managers have roadmaps. Leaders have compasses.

Whether you are a part of a small company or large, non-profit, civic group, religious community or educational institution, your group has and needs both. What role do you play in your group? If you are a manager now, do you want to become a leader at some point in your career? If so, how will you achieve this transformation?