senior-fitnessThere is an old joke that goes something like this…Question: Why did God create retirement? Answer: so there would be enough time for us to go to all of our doctors’ appointments. But does it have to be this way?

Can we age gracefully, stay active and maintain our health well into our golden years?

Here is a typical day in the life of John H, a soon to be 72-year-old client who has been training twice a week with Renaissance Fitness & Wellness since 2005.

I typically call or email a client after the first time we do a newly designed exercise program to be sure it was not too challenging and they are not too sore. In response to my query here is John’s response in the form of an email, he satirically entitled …

“Most of one day in the life of an old man.”

“Hey Joe, it was challenging but I don’t feel too beat up at all. I did have a full day after we saw each other.

10:30 AM: Updated two bowling leagues on the new ShoreScores website I developed.

11:00 AM: Did a basic yard maintenance and cleanup.
Noon: Took a power nap.

1:00 PM: Walked my dog to and through Sickles/Parker trail. Monitored ongoing activities as part of my Little Silver Environmental Commission volunteer efforts. Helped fixed the parking lot at the Parker House, hauled heavy cement, removed a large dead limb from the south end of the walking trail, cut back some weeds, cut up a dead tree or two with handsaw to keep trail clear, romped with my dog through wet and muddy marshlands.

4PM: Bathed dirty dog in a soapy bath in the back yard followed by a completed toweling down.

5 PM: Worked on my computer emailing and web browsing.

6 PM: Enjoyed the company of my wife as I took her out to dinner at CJ McLoone’s, where I ate rather healthy. Dinner was a spicy veggie burger, goat cheese salad, and Sierra Nevada pale ale.

8 PM: Watched a DVRed NCIS on TV.

9 PM: Went bowling in my league from 9 to 11 PM, where I bowled a 177, 227 and 269. I actually got 10 strikes in last game!

11:30 PM: Updated league data on my website; played a few games on computer and went to bed about midnight.

Considering that earlier in the day, John’s new exercise program included Pilates core work, banging out 66 push-ups, doing a set of 47.5 pound 1-arm rows 20 times, performing a set of 90 pound chest press 20 times, 40 pound hammer curls and walking lunges, just to name a few, I was very impressed, though a 673 bowling series does fall below the expected 700! We will have our work cut out for us next time.

There is only one thing a trainer wants…more!

If you are retired, are you aging well? What is your typical day like? Let me know of any feats of strength, stamina or athletic prowess you are proud of.