The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Burnout, Part I

Earlier this month, the National Association for people with Developmental Disabilities (NADD) was kind enough to invite me to participate in their international webinar series, which was directed at healthcare professionals as well as family caregivers throughout the US and Canada. I was tasked with providing strategies to prevent burnout through achieving a work/life balance using exercise, nutrition and self-care modalities. The strategies that work for caregivers can be applied to top performing Sales Executives, 24/7/365 Entrepreneurs, stressed C-Suite [...]

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Hara hachi bu

Hara hachi bu 腹八分 In the United States 17 people per 100,000 population live to at least 100 years old. By contrast, the island of Okinawa has the highest concentration in the world at 35 per 100,000, more than double the United States. Gerontologists believe there are several factors that contribute to a population imbued with such longevity, with eating a healthy diet high on the list. Okinawans diets are high in fish, fruits and vegetables and they eschew [...]

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Trainer Joe’s 4 Pass Buffet Beater

Recently, I was waiting my turn to chow down for lunch in buffet line at a business function held in a nice hotel. The gentleman ahead of me, obviously agitated, turned and said, "I really hate buffets. I eat smart at home and in restaurants. But these things are killers. I'd rather wait on a static line about to jump out of a plane than stand on a buffet line." Wow, what a straight-man setup line to hand a [...]

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How Exercise and Nutrition can make you smarter

Last week I watched an episode of Jeopardy and winced as a contestant blew a chance to secure his lead on a $2000 Double Jeopardy answer. Oh, he knew the right question, but couldn’t push the button fast enough. Too bad because during that one-tenth of a second pause, another contestant beat him to the punch and used the additional $2000 to ultimately win the match. Is there anything that you can do to amp up your reaction speed? [...]

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Is Your Office a Dumping Ground For Excess Holiday Sweets?

I've heard variations on the same weight management theme four or five times already this holiday season. The concept goes something like this, "...Look at all these treats I still have left at home: (fill in the blank with one or more of the following) Pies Cakes Cookies Candy “I'm so proud of myself, I had small portions of only my favorites. I really ate mindfully. To remove all temptation, I'm going to: (fill in the blank with all [...]

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Dessert Drinks

I wear many hats in my effort to help clients become more fit and eat mindfully. All my days are good days. Some are great ones. Last week I had a health and lifestyle coaching session that falls into the latter category. A fit and attractive Baby Boomer client named Katelyn tasked me with analyzing her options for choosing a desert at a dinner party she will be attending soon. Having recently lost a few pounds in anticipation of the [...]

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Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Strategies For Dining Out

Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Strategies For Dining Out When uttered with a smile, certain phrases have the ability to simultaneously strike fear or bring joy depending upon the listener’s state of mind. “I’m pregnant. We have tickets to the opera. It’s the police. And…We’re going out to dinner.” If dining out is your Achilles’ heel, read on. Like Q arming James Bond with a secret arsenal, allow me to equip you with my top ten strategies for dining out [...]

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